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mart Cabs brought a fresh approach to the taxi industry in Spalding in 2005 when we took over an ailing company but with a marketable name, logo and telephone number.  Even now the taxi trade conjures up images of overweight driverís dresses in jeans and caps working from a scruffy tacky office. This is still the way of taxis in some townís and cities across Britain. This image had to be changed to put mart Cabs head and shoulders above our competitors.

Once established with smart clean vehicles and uniformed driverís we paid attention to being on time and answering the phone in a polite, courteous manner. Having seen our business increase dramatically year on year we made investments in the IT side, installing an automatic dispatch system in 2010. This enabled us to keep increasing the business with ease whilst maintaining our high standards.

With two of our main competitors in Spalding being swallowed up by mart Cabs we have several numbers directed into our office.

In 2010 we were offered the opportunity to purchase a small taxi company in Bourne i.e. Moonshine Taxis. Bourne is operated from our Spalding office as our computer and tracking system can run operations anywhere in the UK.

Another big expansion to our services has been the addition of PSV vehicles. Taxis in the UK can only be licensed for up to 8 passengers and we were continually asked for larger vehicles so we gained the correct qualifications and licences to operate such vehicles and at the time of writing we have an operators licence for 11 PSV vehicles, the only company based in Spalding to have a full operatorís license. Here at mart Cabs we will continue to expand our services and vow to keep trying to be the best in our field.

Smart Cabs, 24/25 Westlode Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2AF.



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