Air & Seaports

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At Smart Cabs, Air and Sea Ports are a major part of our business so we have dedicated drivers for these vital journeys. Each airport has their individual peculiarities in relation to parking for taking and collecting passengers so it is important that drivers know exactly what is required.

Of equal importance is the comfort of our passengers, as you could be in the vehicle for some considerable time, either just starting your holiday or maybe having returned from a long flight and are tired.

At Smart Cabs we bear comfort in mind when allocating a vehicle to suit your needs, and unless preferred by yourself provide a minibus for journeys with 4 passengers or more travelling. We always allow plenty of room for luggage to be stored out of the passenger’s way to provide plenty of leg room and space. If children are travelling long distances we will supply booster seats as necessary or an individual’s child seat can be stored at our offices whilst you are away.

Details and updates on incoming flights are usually available on the internet so we can be at the airport at the right time.

For all enquiries for any journey with Smart cabs, please either telephone our Spalding office on 01775 767676, our Bourne office on 01778 420500 or use click here to our easy on-line booking & enquiry form.

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